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Our journeys through Italy led us to the canals and mysteries of Venice, the motionless clocks and cats traipsing among the ruins of Rome, the ridiculously rich history of Florence and the beaches and effervescent sun of the beautiful island of Sardinia.

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Stories Set in Rome

“Would you tell me all the stories from when you were young?” This was the question I was being asked by a little girl wearing a blue summer dress and proudly clutching a brown...

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A Mediterranean Escape in the Island of Sardinia

Summer is usually a long time coming in Northern Europe. By the time June arrives, bodies will be already restless for sun and non-Arctic breezes. If June fails to bring warmth, secondary plans must...

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Where is Venice?

Where is Venice? Geographically speaking, Venice is located in northeastern Italy. It’s an island made up of smaller islands and shaped like a fish. It also sits closer to Slovenia and Austria than to...