We are FW and Elle, two ragamuffins from southern Europe who have been traveling our extraordinary world together since 2009.

For us, what began as the occasional holiday escapade soon turned into full-fledged wanderlust. Predictably, the desire to pursue long-term travel was soon dancing around our heads. One day, a decision was made and a deadline set up. All superfluous material belongings would be sold, given away or thrown in the trash. One 40 liter backpack each would have to be enough to store all essential possessions.

Preparations were set in motion, friends were informed, employers were given notice. On the 30th of May 2013, we grabbed our backpacks and set out to discover what lies outside the humdrum of the daily grind. A striking realization dawned: all previous journeys had been rehearsals for departure.

FW and Elle traveling our extraordinary world

Acknowledging the power of narrative, an attempt was made to put into words a few traveling experiences. Lunaguava began as a space to detail some highlights from previous trips, but is now transformed into a document of life on the road and all it entails: the colors, the people, the landscapes, the unexpected and the serendipitous…

Well, that was the plan anyway…

Following a year riddled by disease and madness on both sides of the Atlantic, we have stopped on our tracks and are no longer enjoying the winds of long-term travel. No worries though, we’ll continue to rant away at whatever comes next.

Welcome to our chocolate-sprinkled corner of the interwebs – we hope you enjoy our stories!