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For a long time, Spain was equated with a large and violent empire stretching across most of the known world. Currently, the most obvious words associated with Spain would arguably be Flamenco and Paella. Dance and food does indeed play a big part in the Spanish soul. But, being vast, Spain has regions with distinct cultural (and gastronomical) traits. The color palette is also strikingly diverse: the luscious green of Asturias, the dry orange of Andalusia, the sparkling blue of the waves bathing the Basque country, the multicolored splash of Catalonia, courtesy of Gaudí, and even the Atlantic pleasures of the Canary Islands. We offer some insights into Barcelona and the volcanic islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

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Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, Africa and the Atlantic

Struggling once again with an extended Northern European Winter, we pondered several cheap options for a week under the sun. Following pleasant experiences in Sardinia and Santorini, we opted for yet another (relatively) short...

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Barcelona – Pictures of Old Spain

Barcelona has steadfastly risen in the world’s recognition not just as Spain’s second city but as one of the ultimate European destinations. The capital of proud Catalonia sits vibrant by the Mediterranean coast, lulled...