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From New York to San Francisco and finally Los Angeles, our journey through the United States led to stunning National Parks (Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Yosemite and Death Valley), the gambling frenzy of Las Vegas and the breezy Pacific shores along the Big Sur.

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Road Trip USA

The endless horizon. How I longed for it, stuck in the sinuous, crowded roads of the European continent… Before departing to Mexico and thus beginning our long-term travel in earnest, I subjected Elle to...

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A Journey’s End – Big Sur to L.A.

Our North-American road trip ended in the hot, chaotic streets of L.A. However, getting there turned out to be a remarkable journey, as we drove through the Big Sur and its scenic vistas of...

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The Giants of Sequoia National Park

After brief stints in the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, we managed to visit Sequoia National Park and its towering arboreal giants. Driving through the Big Stump Entrance, we headed south on the Generals Highway,...

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Going to San Francisco

We arrived in San Francisco on a sunny Spring day. As we made our way across Bay Bridge, the contour of the city began taking shape. A collection of tall, modern buildings sprang up...

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June Lake to Yosemite

Between our engrossing Death Valley road trip and the winds of San Francisco, we stopped at one of our surprise itineraries: June Lake. It was one of the loveliest discoveries we made on our...

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Death Valley Sonic Drive

The clock ticks 4:30 in the morning. We leave Las Vegas as the sizzling sun begins to yawn, heading West. Destination: Death Valley, a parched land of delirium and narrow asphalt, illusion to many...